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Nosh is an AI-powered personal robot that cooks a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like curries, pastas, pulaos, sweets and many more, autonomously.

Get to know Nosh

pan stirrer.png
Pan and Stirrer

Align the stirrer blade to the shaft and it magnetically attaches onto it. Slide the pan into the chamber to latch on to the rear of the cabin.


Remove the pan and gently tug at the stirrer till it separates from the product. Clean the pan and the stirrer with a soft brush/sponge.

Water and Oil container

The Water & Oil Containers can be separated from the device by sliding them out using the handle. Lift the cap and fill the Water/Oil in their respective compartments and slide them back in.


Pull the containers out and rinse them with tepid water whenever needed.

SPICEBOX (1).png
Spice tray

The spice tray has 8 compartments for different spices. Once filled they are to be placed in their respective place and clipped in. It is then to be placed in the spice compartment at the top of the device.


Each container can be removed and cleaned. Rinse the spice tray with warm soapy water.

Ingredient tray

The ingredient tray has been divided into 5 compartments, each to house different ingredients. Once filled, the tray can be slid into it's specific slot.


Pull the tray, separate each compartment and rinse them in hot water.  

 Set your preference

Nosh has been designed to give you control over your taste preferences. We understand the crucial role that taste plays in food and so both the device and the app are designed to cater to this.

Automated Cooking at the touch of a button
Group 2608526.png
Chef-crafted, multi-cuisine menu
Group 2608532.png
Customised taste preferences
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