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Nosh Mealkit

No more planning, No more preparation

Choose from extensive menu
Whether you're craving for Goan prawn curry or matar paneer, Nosh has you covered. Choose from a wide range of mouth-watering dishes that will leave your palette satiated.
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No grocery planning

Grocery planning at its best. Get all the ingredients in the exact quantities home delivered. No more excess vegetables chilling in your fridge ;)

No Tedious prep 
Pre-cleaned, chopped groceries hygienically procured and packed the same day. No more fruit ninja in your kitchen :D
Sourcing the best from the best

All the ingredients are sourced from the freshest farms and brands such as Licious, Nandus, Amul, Everest, Milky Mist, Fresho, Dawaat etc.

No grocery planning needed
No tedious preparation needed
Premium quality ingredients delivered
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