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Our Story

NOSH’s story is a brilliant and inspiring one where couples motivate each other to find resolutions to simple problems in their daily lives.


The story dates three years back in 2017 when Yatin’s wife, Margi started working post completing her MBA. The couple started facing severe challenges in managing their cooking time. They looked to recharge their gruesome corporate lives with traditional recipes. They tried many house-helps, but both were choosy on taste, flavor, and authenticity which are fundamental elements in home-made food. All the trials and testing could not satisfy their food desires. The couple was so obsessed with the idea of not compromising on eating poorly. They felt that eating poorly is an opportunity lost in itself. Their food management was slowly creeping into their work culture. They started looking for an easy way to revisit traditional and regional flavors frequently.

This is what inspired Yatin to look out of the box and work towards a solution. As he discussed this issue within his known circle of friends and colleagues, he realized that this is a fundamental problem in every house. Many were compromising just to fill their stomachs. Others were looking forward to festive occasions, vacations, and weekends to fulfill their traditional taste buds.

The Inception

The inception of Euphotic Labs started when Yatin finally decided to automate the complete cooking process.

He initially started developing basic cooking mechanisms featuring automating tasks like ingredient & spice dispensing and stirring with his friend Devang, forming a strong foundation for any cuisine. In an expo at the Indian Institute of Science, he met Venkatesh, who had developed a corn-kernelling machine in just 3 months. They instantly clicked on the idea, and Venkatesh was onboarded to the Euphotic Team.

Margi states that cooking is an artistic medium that can engage all the senses of a human body. A chef needs to be artistic, visionary, and innovative at the same time. The Team slowly but steadily started taking baby steps towards developing critical elements like taste, consistency, aroma, and texture that come naturally in a traditional food item. After monumental rounds of testing and trying, they were finally able to reap the rich benefits of obsession, hard work, dedication, and passion spread over an incredible three years.


Obsession to Perfection

The incredible journey of three years was never a comfortable ride. Like all teams, this Team also had its own fair share of struggles. The Team often recalls that they were inspired and motivated them the most was when they remembered their growing days. They observed their grandmother and mother creating magic with their hands and spreading the love with delightful cuisines. They were so often emphasized on the correct way of preparing curries and how modernization has reduced the tadka and blunted the love that comes naturally in a gravy.


Shifting bases to cities, where you no longer get access to home-made food, is tough on any individual. The most challenging part of recreating their granny’s kitchen was the time spent splitting the vegetables equally, tossing them into the pan, sprinkling the magic spices over the dish at the right time, and wait for the core ingredients to get softer and the gravy to thicken for the flavor to enrich their favorite recipe. However, the whole team was curious in the entire cooking process as they used to remove the lid several times to smell the curry’s aroma.

NOSH for the World

Finally today we have something for thousands of couples like Yatin and his wife who work like frantic from Monday to Friday jampacked with tight work schedules, appointments, and other obligations can now look forward to recharging their batteries with healthy home-made recipes and spend more time slowing down their busy lives and connecting with each other over mealtime. Because it is essential to strike the right balance between “me” time and “we” time, and you can do it with the help of NOSH.


Yatin says that they intend to position NOSH as a cooking companion who works on recreating granny or mom’s kitchen (recipes) in your own kitchen. NOSH’s story sets a perfect example where if you follow your passion, obsession, toss away the doubts and shape your dreams, you can always work on creating magic in your daily routine.

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Team behind NOSH
Group 94.png

Yatin Varachhia

Co-Founder and

Head of Product

Sudeep (1).JPG

Sudeep Gupta

Co-Founder and 

Head of Tech & AI

Group 317.png

Amit Kumar Gupta

Co-Founder and
Head of Marketing

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-22 at 5.19.46 PM.jpeg

Praveen MV

Industrial Designer


Khushal Patel

Lead Mechanical Design Engineer


Durgesh Rathod

Senior Mechanical Engineer


Ketan Deshmukh

Senior Mechanical Engineer


Indraneel Das

Strategic Sourcing Specialist


Adithya K

CAD Engineer


Thomas Cyriac

Lead Product Engineer

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-17 at 12.53.18 PM.jpeg

Sooraj Prakash

Embedded Design Engineer


Mahendra Gavel

Hardware Engineer



Production Engineer


Priyaranjan Mantri

Software Developer Engineer


Om Bhojraj

Computer Vision Engineer

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-10 at 2.39_edited.jpg

Jobin P Thomas

R&D Engineer


Nakul Ramachandran

Head Of Operations


Manali Malviya

Graphic Design Specialist

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-27 at 4.47.54 PM.jpeg

Sandhya Balchandani

Culinary Innovation Chef

Our Vision

"Easing lives from the burden of cooking and food management"

Value Proposition: 
“Helping the common man from a load of Food Management, Cooking and Cleaning through a cutting edge cooking robot - NOSH”

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Nidhi Prayas by Department of Science and Technology
SINE by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
MSME by The Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Media Coverage


All the supreme inventions came out of tireless iterations and perseverance for perfection, Nosh had that journey too. Witness the most advanced technology here.

Group 129.png

The first robot Euphotic has created in June 2018. It has a separate paste/sauce dispenser. Two-stage ingredient dispenser. Euphotic iterated on stirrer design with this prototype. It cooked Potato fry curry as the first dish. It was so large that we used to cover it with Honda Activa cover!!


This was ready in early 2019. It has all the components and mechanisms that Nosh has. Cook ~30 dishes and more than 200 people tasted the food prepared by P2. It was a well-executed prototype, a few restaurants offered money to purchase the same.

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-03 at 11.41.52 AM
Group 130.png

The most advanced, intuitive, and user-friendly cooking robot is here unburden you from monotonous cooking

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